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Entry #1


2009-05-25 18:59:41 by judgemike

Well, even though I have stated my first two entries are only my first two times with flash, some of you are not reading that. Second, people who say its gross or not normal: Why are you even looking for this if you dont like it? Third: It's hard to find FREE pictres of that, so gimme a break if there aren't a lot of pictures.


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2009-05-26 00:27:32

I definitely agree with the third. The second is quite logical actually, I could find porn of REAL people doing MUCH worse than anything I've seen on furries.

All I can say is; Have at it.


2009-05-26 00:37:49

Well I must agree arcane, and it's not difficult to get HQ pictures, I have around 3000 high quality pictures, just that I don't know how to put anything into galleries :P.

judgemike responds:

Well, I try to make them high quality but it wont work. If you know how to do that please tell me.


2009-05-26 01:48:41

Hey there glad to see some more furry fans on newgrounds Show us some more furry pride <3 in my case Gay FurryPride X3

judgemike responds:

I'm not a furry.


2009-05-26 06:26:09

uuummmm strange stuff XD


2009-05-26 07:43:03

Yes i know what you mean it is hard finding them for free. And atleast you are trying and i bet when youve done a few you will get better at it. So dont worry. And yea i hate those guys leaving hateful comments on stuff like this. But still keep it up!


2009-05-30 11:34:52

i love the furries u put on NG!
they are quite interesting...
wanna be friends?
plz make more!


2009-08-05 22:31:35

I may not be of all too much help, but I have a couple pics I made, you can put them up on a gallery I guess, I just want credit. Haha, I will just put my website on the pics, thanks for reading man. Furs unite.