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2009-06-14 03:02:03 by judgemike

Well, people are saying a gallery would be nice if it wasnt illegal on NG. What, I didn't know. So, I am currently working on a quiz game (if it is short, bear with me, first time thing here) and there will be different pictures, such as Yiff or just normal Hentai. So, please, once it is done, don't blam if it isn't what you like. Don't ask when it will be done, cuz I am a VERY busy man.


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2009-06-14 18:39:25

Most people go with the multiple choice format, because then it's just a matter of trial and error, with some memory involved, the fact that yours used short answers surprised me quite a bit.

judgemike responds:

I don't know how to do multiple choice :D


2009-06-15 10:43:03

Well i dont get why is illegal on NG, kinda strange. But im glad your doing a quiz now. And if i am on and you submit it il give it a good vote.


2009-06-19 00:29:41

"I don't know how to do multiple choice :D"
Could you do something like powerpoint, where you have the correct answer (button) send you to the next frame with the next answers, and the wrong ones send you back to the beginning, or to your last checkpoint?

judgemike responds:

I know how to do it on flash now


2009-08-24 20:09:22

maybe if you do it on youtube wil be the best choice,but post the adress

<51k0> Says: Making the new madness combat stile


2009-09-20 12:40:57

Woot another one? awesome! well i just popped over to say hi :D