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No more.

2009-10-15 04:15:18 by judgemike

I'm sorry, but I'm getting real sick of this. I made these galleries because I was bored, y'know, something to do. People keep writing angry letters to me, such as "Take this shit down, it isnt normal." I actually kind of agree with them. I'm sick of making these adult flashes for you guys. I'm not a perverted person, so I shouldn't have to keep making perverted flashes. So, that's whats gonna happen. I don't think I will make any more adult-oriented flashes.


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2009-11-04 21:27:58

well... it's your decision, and I respect it


2009-11-20 17:30:22

:( im sad now...
but oh well.
i respect your choice.
i have some other sites now tho.


2009-11-25 19:19:23

I am sorry that you have decided this, but as a fan I must acknowledge that it is your descision. I am sorry people have sent you hate mail, people just don't appriciate anything anymore. The more I think about it, I am not much of a perv either. In fact, I'm the opposite, I'm an emo, I pay little attention to the life outside my girlfriend and my music, I don't know how I find time to draw when I'm in a band. I need to grow up as well some time, my life is just alot of parties, alchohol, I've smoked for about eight years. I am sorry, I got alittle side tracked while bitching, now I'm just explaining reasons why my life sucks... Sorry for venting in your journal, I wish you well in the life ahead. Oh and Fleek, grow a pair of balls and grow the fuck up. Leave your mom's basement for the first time, meet a.. Girl?... shit, now I am sorry for bitching more in your journal. Yet again, good luck.