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2010-08-15 04:09:41 by judgemike

Well, I got a new computer and I am currently in the process of getting my copy of Flash installed on here, so as of present, I am using the free trial. Anyone who wants me to make a new gallery needs to tell me what you want in it, and if you want a specific picture I need the URL straightaway.

Dangit Bobby

2010-04-18 05:15:10 by judgemike

Well shit. I try animating and it gets blammed.

The least you asshats could have done was comment on it.

Just for the hellovit

2009-12-29 00:52:10 by judgemike

Aw, who the hell am I kidding? I can't resist the internet lovin' of you horndogs (dont get all crazy now).

No more.

2009-10-15 04:15:18 by judgemike

I'm sorry, but I'm getting real sick of this. I made these galleries because I was bored, y'know, something to do. People keep writing angry letters to me, such as "Take this shit down, it isnt normal." I actually kind of agree with them. I'm sick of making these adult flashes for you guys. I'm not a perverted person, so I shouldn't have to keep making perverted flashes. So, that's whats gonna happen. I don't think I will make any more adult-oriented flashes.

Working on something

2009-06-14 03:02:03 by judgemike

Well, people are saying a gallery would be nice if it wasnt illegal on NG. What, I didn't know. So, I am currently working on a quiz game (if it is short, bear with me, first time thing here) and there will be different pictures, such as Yiff or just normal Hentai. So, please, once it is done, don't blam if it isn't what you like. Don't ask when it will be done, cuz I am a VERY busy man.

D-Days 65th anniversary

2009-06-06 13:55:22 by judgemike

Well, right now it's June 6th, anniversary of D-Day. I just want to say, God bless all who were there and who died on that tragic day, and thanks to all those heroes, whether they have died or not.

Well, I was surfing the web and a pop-up....popped up. It said "You have a crush! Type in your Pin#, Phone #, and house adress to see who it is!" I can't believe it. Usually you wanna be subtle about asking for your friggin' PIN NUMBER.

Heh heh.

2009-05-27 01:47:57 by judgemike

I was watching Band of Brothers the other day...usually that series isn't supposed to be funny, but I heard a line that I almost crapped my pants laughing.

"Malarky, Donald G, Sir!'
"Malarky is slang for Bullshit, isn't it?"
"Yes, sir."
(Examines his Carbine)
"Rust on the buttplate hinge-spring, Private Bullshit. Revoked."

I dunno, I thought it was pretty funny.


2009-05-25 18:59:41 by judgemike

Well, even though I have stated my first two entries are only my first two times with flash, some of you are not reading that. Second, people who say its gross or not normal: Why are you even looking for this if you dont like it? Third: It's hard to find FREE pictres of that, so gimme a break if there aren't a lot of pictures.